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May 2016

Vegan Cupcakes

I love cooking and baking, especially if I’m baking sweets. When I became vegan I was very excited to experiment with cooking, so below is my favourite cupcake recipe (it tastes exactly like non-vegan cupcakes, if not better). Blueberry Vegan… Continue Reading →

Last Time I Cried

A few hours ago Mum and Dad left for Geraldton to drop Dad off at the airport. Dad is the chief IR on the Deep Orient, the offshore vessel he is currently on.┬áNormally Tais and I go to Geraldton with… Continue Reading →

Saturday 14th of May

We headed down to the beach and the waves were massive. After looking at the building swell for a while, Dad put his wetsuit on and jumped out the front of the Point. I went down the beach and helped… Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty

The paragraph below contains some sad and shocking imformation about the dairy, egg and meat industry. Another issue that makes me quite angry is animal cruelty. Lots of people don’t know what goes down in the dairy, egg and meat… Continue Reading →

How to Make the World a Better Place

Something that has really been bugging me lately is the issue on global warming. Whether or not you believe in global warming or global cooling, something is happening to the planet and we are causing it. We are using too… Continue Reading →


As a small kid growing up I have always had one love, one passion, one influence. That influence is surfing. Surfing means everything to me. It is the only way I can relieve my stress, my pain, my anger, my… Continue Reading →

Dang Dangs

A few hours ago I got to surf a slab named Dang Dangs. Dang Dangs is a shallow, meaty reef break that barrels like there is no tomorrow. It was small there, average waves about 2-3ft and clean. Dad and… Continue Reading →

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