The paragraph below contains some sad and shocking imformation about the dairy, egg and meat industry.

Another issue that makes me quite angry is animal cruelty. Lots of people don’t know what goes down in the dairy, egg and meat industry. Its not pretty or in any way humane. Dairy cows like all mammals produce milk when they are pregnant. So in order to get that delicious milk, cows are forcefully impregnated, then a few hours after their calf is born they take the calf away from its mother. If it is a boy, it is slaughtered and sold as veal and if it is a girl it is raised to go through the same horrible future as its mother.

After a little while of this process going on again and again, cows get so exhausted they collapse. These cows are slaughtered for beef. Mother cows often cry for days on and after their babies are taken away from them. It is heartbreaking.

Cows get diseases on their udders that causes them to bleed, this blood is transfered into their milk. Cows’ milk contains millions of puss cells and even though the milk is filtered, the dairy industry still allows millions of puss cells to stay in that milk. Think about this; cows milk is made to feed a nearly one ton baby cow, not a human who weighs nowhere near what a calf weighs.
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Caged chicken eggs come from caged chickens (obviously). These chickens are kept in tiny cages. They get diseases, they never see open plains or grassy fields and are mistreated horribly. Living in these tiny cages causes chickens to have weak muscles and to go insane. Eggs are chickens’ periods. This is not right.

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Most mak(eup, hair products and household products are tested on animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits mice and monkeys. Products are squirted into their eyes, put on their skin and ingested. These aniamls die of these products, all so you can look pretty or have a nice white smile.

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Fur is also horrible, minks, foxes, rabbit etc. skinned (sometimes alive) and sold as a coat. What we do to animals is inhumane and absolutely horrible.
Please choose a life that is not cruel to animals, whether it is vegan or not.