Sunday morning; tired eyes and restless faces, excited for what the day will bring. We sat in front of the to eating breakfast, when Dad comes racing home. The wind is northeasterly and the waves are small. Dad readies the tinny and we put our wetties on. It’s cold, but with bright, wide eyes we are ready to venture off and see what the day bring. The tinny is launched, we hop in and are ready to go.

Echoes is a fun right hander that breaks when the wind is northeasterly and Blueholes and Jakes are barely breaking. We arrived and started to surf. It was perfect and glass hit looked like a beautiful wave in the Mentawis. Even though there were a few close out sets, I surfed some of the best rights I have ever surfed. I did a few backhand reos and snaps. I was quite proud of my sister who caught some sick waves and did a few turns. Everyone was having a blast and were sad when we had to leave, but in order to avoid a bumpy trip back we had to beat the southerly, we had to go quick.

The day was lovely, even though we didn’t get a second surf in because of the wind, we still had a fantastic day filled with great waves and lots of laughs.

*Note: we is referred to myself, my Mum, Dad and Sister.